International Journal of Applied Technology & Leadership


International Journal of Applied Technology and Leadership (IJATL) is a new, open access, peer-reviewed academic journal established with the purpose to encourage young scientists, researchers, and seasoned scholars to explore new ideas and research on the frontiers of information technologies, cyber-related issues and management science. The journal is a collaborative initiative of Capitol Technology University, Laurel, MD (USA) and College of Economics and Computer Science in Cracow (Poland), both practice-oriented, technology-centered, and accredited institutions of higher education.

The initiative originates from the recognition of the scholars’ and industry leaders’ need to both publish and access the latest research at no cost to them. It emphasizes the value of broad and free access to knowledge, scientific advances, and novel industry practices, to facilitate the process of expanding our understanding of technological applications in organization management by standing on the shoulders of giants.

The editors and reviewers for the Journal come from nearly all continents, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, representing a diversified team of researchers, educators, university administrators, and industry practitioners.

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